Parapets And Flow Lines

Serve to protect the brickwork basement part of the foundation, window frames and other buildings and structures. Semi-circular or radial ebb flows, are used to protect the brickwork basement units the foundation, window frames and other structures and designs. To the house was a veritable fortress, stands to get a high quality protection of window openings and decorative elements of the projections of the roof and facade. We make a taking into account the diversion of water from the walls and foundation, which guarantees greater protection from the negative impact of construction moisture. In older homes are often ebbs out of tin, rusty, damaged by time and not very well perform a protective function. Or simply do not qualitatively mounted. Drips are radiused curved in a circle in different planes is an important aesthetic role ebb carry on facades radial shape as ideally suited to the style of the house, as produced by the pattern of the facade or other structure. Produce low tides uncut edges, working the shelves and other visible parts.

Examples made our work can be seen in our gallery. In case of problems with the choice of our consultants will help you understand the wide range of materials and coatings. Shaped flat strips elements (flat strips) which overlap the seams and the exposed parts of panels are available as listed in standard designs, and in accordance with individual customer requirements. As a rule, flat strips made of galvanized steel or of polymer-coated steel respective type and color. Mounting shaped elements by means of screws or rivets. Step fixing it is usually assumed to be 300 mm. Flat strips is recommended set, 100 mm overlap, and when they are installed using silicone sealant in accordance with the fixing points of the panels. In addition to the protective function, decorative fittings are attached to the load and architectural completeness of the building.