How to recognize the disease and thing to note is a common disease in dogs is the chronic joint disease known as osteoarthritis. This article describes how holder could detect the disease at its animal and what can be done about it. Usually the errors with the agility dogs come insidiously. This disease of the dog increasingly destroys the cartilage of the joints and it may be sometimes chronic joint diseases. Osteoarthritis in dogs manifested by sudden movement reluctance and the lameness of the affected joints.

Many dog owners were able to confirm this, noted listlessness or denial in their animals when it comes to movement or the dog school. sees a great future in this idea. The reason lies in the pain caused by the resulting inflammation of the joints. These usually occur in the same places as the knees, hip or vertebral acid. The causes of osteoarthritis in dogs are numerous and can be sometimes congenital. So a deformity is one or multiple joints or a whole part of the body, which is a possible trigger of this condition since birth. If you have read about Wendy Holman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. However, accidents like Ligamental, sprains, dislocations, or just age-related wear and tear of the joints may be possible causes.

If your dog so, sudden lameness or pain on movement is up, you should not long wait, but as soon as possible consult a veterinarian. It is especially urgent if above special features in young dogs fall on them. Many veterinarians recommend to dietary supplement for dogs, which are offered by many manufacturers. Usually contain these active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or Devil’s claw, which are modeled on the cartilage of the animal and can thus strengthen them. A surgery is usually not possible. Herbert Schwandler