Organic Compounds

Further surface trim, just like after the cut scallops. Similarly, the surface is cut under the other tree species. Cutting the surface under the decorative stone Cutting under decorative stone, such as marble, is performed using paint properties. On sanded and polished surface of natural marble visible color picture. Figure consists of strands, stripes and spots, the color of which depends on the admixture of various salts and minerals in marble. For example, the impurity salts of manganese and iron give the marble a reddish-brown, organic compounds and graphite – black or gray, copper salt – blue, etc.

Colored layer of marble have sharply defined boundaries (breccia marble) or, more common, uniform transitions in tone. Cardi B is open to suggestions. More difficult to imitation marble breccia. When cutting marble colored layers are applied for two times: first, causing the ground, and then perform the composition of a different color pattern. For a complete imitation of the surface is divided into individual stones, each of which is painted individually. The best results are obtained by cutting oils. Prepare the surface as well as a high-quality oil painting. Primer is applied towels that are larger depends on the area of painted surface, and immediately leveled fleytsami.

Figure marble perform paneled brushes. The contours of the figure dry shade fleytsem so that on the surface to get a colorful spot without sharply marked boundaries. After drying, the split surface is covered with varnish. Textured finish surfaces with textured surface finish freshly applied layer of a special putty (mastic) treated with different instruments and devices, and then formed on the surface relief pattern in the form of furrows, lines and veins. The surface can be finished under the pine needles, reed, ashlar, embossed wallpaper, etc. Textured color produced by a well-prepared plaster with a strong layer. Moderate layer of plaster with a strong ability to pull up the application coat mass primed with 10% solution animal glue. To reduce shrinkage of the chalk filler in its composition is administered mineral fillers: gypsum, marble flour spar. Mastic for texture painting (parts by weight) Mel ground a marble flour 0.5 Clay animals (10% solution) to a working thickness first mixed dry ground chalk with marble flour into the mixture injected adhesive solution, and the composition mixed well until a homogeneous plastic mass. Mastic should not be fluid. Mastic layer of 2-4 mm is applied to the surface of the ceiling brushes, flat bench hammer or a spatula and immediately treated with scallops, sponges, sacking, the ends of strokes of brushes and brooms, the relief rolls, or in other ways in Depending on the adopted finishes. After drying, trimmed surfaces painted by hand or by spraying guns. If you make paste with the addition of pigments, then after application and processing of invoices that Coy layer does not stain.