Odisseu Looking

It has three years arrived at that house as guest per some days, but as she did not obtain job, she was obliged to work for them, the sluggish and rancorosos cousins, the egoistic aunt and me. The only decent person was the uncle. Its Vanda son, did not make nothing, lived reading fotonovelas and taking a walk with the friends. The son of the way, Jaso, fat person, gluto, passed the day in front of the television, was irresponsible and blackmailer. Coarse and sluggish, the Odisseu, oldest, did not have fixed job.

Its fianc, Lucrecia, were arrogant, emptied and very jalousie. – Good bye, my uncle. Debtor. Alice murmured. It opened the door, looking for not to make noise, and left.

She passed to the side of the boat that the uncle construa in the yard. The dream of captain Nemo was to come back to sail. It left, also looking for, to carry through its dreams. Gaining the street, Alice followed fast, without looking at stops backwards. In the esquina it caught a bus for the road. Its intention was to buy a ticket for So Paulo, to rent one room in a pension and to work as waitress or assistant of kitchen. In the stock market it was the money that it had saved, for an emergency as that one. I descend in the road, Alice was directed for guich. It opened the stock market to catch the money and to buy the ticket, but it did not find it. The wallet had disappeared! It also looked for in the bag, without success. Hurt Aflita and, gave account of that somebody stole it the wallet in the bus. Disappointed, it left guich and it was to sit down in a bank, in the hall. It was some seated time, meditando and deciding what to make. Only not it wanted to come back toward the house of the uncle.