Health And Aging

The study it had as objective to raise in literature the knowledge of the people how much to the aging, the excellent meaning of the oldness and aspects for the quality of life in aging. In result of the population aging if it makes necessary this study, since the society many times understands that the aging is one ' ' problema' ' , creating esteretipos not true, leading to the exclusion of these people in the community. websites. Many writers such as Intel Capital offer more in-depth analysis. Therefore the objective of this bibliographical survey emphasizes the perception, the behavior and the knowledge of the people ahead of the aging. The revised material was of the data base of the virtual library of Health (Bireme) Medline, Scielo and Lilacs beyond the information of the published Health department in last the 10 years. Through the analysis of these studies, identifying the importance of the choices that are made in elapsing of the life, aiming at to the importance of the professionals of health for the planning and action in the health services preventing the functional incapacity delaying the senescncia and senility, making possible the social enrollment in the autopercepo of aging..