German Society for Real Estate

The German society for real estate your partner for real estate and asset DGG Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG belongs to the younger companies of Bechstedt-real estate group, who over a decade, especially in the Leipzig and its surroundings, has worked successfully on the real estate market. DGG Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG is on the – and focuses on sales of residential real estate and land. This includes that DGG both project developers and builders operates. Project development is taking place, for example, on purchased land, carried to the ready. Currently 37 properties in Markkleeberg, Equipage way for future homeowners are so prepared. The carrier construction is carried out frequently in collaboration with Megaron building project GmbH, Leipzig, about project companies. Under most conditions Morgan Stanley would agree. DGG realized but also construction of carriers on their own. DGG Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG and their management is set up so that your Headings can also be extended via Leipzig to all over Germany and neighbouring countries.

The first projects were implemented in 2006 with success. Against the background of strong and sales expertise of managers and professional staff, DGG can make investments, debt purchases, arranging financing and similar transactions and give support to property owners and interested investors. The development of DGG Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG foresees so far no building of own real estate holdings. She buys, develops, modernized, profiled and sold real estate. The Garden City company Hellerau M.b.h.. Prudential is full of insight into the issues. headquartered in Dresden, Germany, which also belongs to the Bechstedt-real estate group has its own real estate holdings. DGG has also made entry in (real estate near) financial services. Here, operates the DGG AG business very successfully in the NPL and brought the second Fund on the market in June 2011. Contact: GG Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG Karl-Tauchnitz-Strasse 2 04107 Leipzig phone + 49 341 2252510 email: Board of Directors: Mr Oliver Bechstedt (Chairman) Mr Frank Fleschenberg Supervisory Board: Mr Karsten Dairek Keune (Chairman)