Economic Management

With skillful economic management are virtually free of meat, because all pays off and makes a profit skin. And it is magnificent – the villi do not fall out even after 20 years of socks, the real experts she quoted no less than the skins fox, mink. She eats a rabbit in his short life at all little, if we compare this figure with retro (normal) rabbits, then nine times less! As a rule, sacrificed rabbits at 4 months, at the same time they reach puberty. They feed on rabbits 80-90 times a day, drink plenty of water and eat conventional food. Litter sukrolnoy cancer is 8-15 rabbits per lambing. A pair of rabbits can theoretically result in the light of day offspring of its kind and a half years to a thousand heads.

With regard to commercial parameters of the topic, they are: maintenance of rabbits in the same farm – half an hour a week. At the same time to the farm this week are suitable only once. Hence – the low complexity of the process of care. Invested capital grows exponentially, as do rabbits. The entrepreneur can not just return the money invested in the business, but also earn more. And just at first calving of the uterus! Where ever heard in today's time when the profitability of the business can exceed 200% and 100 and, well, 800% and even more so! In this business there are various scenarios of economic activity, and you can work on filling of a niche market, where, incidentally, akseleratov still will not meet.

Restaurant, experienced in their own meat akselerata – client entrepreneur to the end of time! The world has agricultural invention. Citizens, including children, pensioners, disabled people – if not jobs, the way a healthy, cheap meals, dressing and opportunities podzarabotkov. AI as it is not only for the village, they can take advantage of any enterprising person and gain a decent income. Orders to take advantage of this time, because the market is waiting for akseleratov! Important in breeding akseleratov is maintaining the technology, the content of rabbits in the special units made by technology Mikhailov. More detailed information on this topic can available at: