Don Inacio

Joao de Deus and the mostly honorary helpers around him is in any way a cult-like group. There is no compulsion to the subordination of a certain way of thinking or religious doctrine, and there is not the slightest influence in this respect. The spoken prayers and the interior decoration of the Casa are taken from the Christian world of the imagination, as the name Don Ignatio makes it already clear. There is however no need to belong to this religion or are in favour of it, if you would like to be here. The root of all religions anyway, regardless is the origin of all existence is the same, no matter how he called at different times in different cultures. For every present is clearly noticeable that here present high, pure energies of love from highest source come, regardless of any religious doctrine. A leading source for info: Nike.

All people are welcome and are treated equally. The treatment is free for everyone. Paid are only possible meetings in the Crystal bed and prescribed Passiflora capsules. The work in the Casa is made possible through donations and volunteers, who would often express gratitude for their own healing in this way. Andre restaurant, official guide to the Casa, offers two – or three-week travel to Abadiania, individual appointments or individual monitoring are possible by arrangement. casa/index_de.htm for any questions please contact by e-mail or phone at him. More information about the Casa de Don Inacio, Joao de Deus and Abadiania, all-inclusive free E-book and video, you can on the website “the spiritual journey to Joao de Deus and the CASA de DOM INACIO DE LOYOLA” find casa/info_de1.htm. Andreas may