The mark ' ' BOMBRIL' ' it has made its history in the mind of the people, with its mark and also with its propagandas well attractive, using the image of a boy propaganda that is in ours telinha there it has 30 years more than. Many people had so usually started to use the mark of the competition, without perceiving that when placing in its lists of purchases, they are writing the mark ' ' Bombril' ' , on the contrary of the other mark, or simply woollen steel sponge. MARKETING For KOTLER (2000, P. 30): ' ' Marketing is a social process by means of which people and groups of people get that whom they need and what they desire with the creation, offer and exempt negotiation of products and services of value with outros' '. The marketing aims at to the satisfaction of the customers in all the directions, ace times aiming at profit or not.

The marketing worries very about the product quality, the price, the distribution in the market and its customers through strategies. Using as strategy the 4 Ps, price, product, square and promotion. Product must obligatorily be, waited and desired for the customer, inside of two expectations and that they satisfy to its necessities. Price, the customer will look a price just, that it does not have very to be raised in way that the customer considers that valley the penalty not to buy it and nor so low that the light one to think that she has something of missed with its product and/or service, the point to refuse it. Square is the price just, must be to the access of the customer. Promotion, to divulge the products and/or services to the customers. Also it can be used as marketing strategy the performance, the consumers tends to be based in what it has of tangible.