Cost Management

Ardour consulting describes typical error in Seeheim-Jugenheim outsourcing decisions from a practice perspective, 06.07.2011 – according to a study by ardour consulting, application management in the companies, to respond to the requirements grown continuously in recent years with a reasonable performance quality fights. As the biggest problems, weaknesses in the service processes and performance management identified in the survey. Last but not least for this reason the outsourcing or off-shoring that IT functions as a resort is discussed by the company. After the experiences of the consulting firm outsourcing of application management is often accompanied by significant risks. Risk analyses by ardour show the evaluation of customer-related, that in two out of three cases an offshoring does not or is only conditionally recommended. As particularly critical aspects of transmission of application management consultants have identified the following issues: 1 to restricted views of the cost aspect: often the dominate in the outsourcing decision Cost reduction motives. If you would like to know more about Jayme Albin , then click here. But with a narrowed view on reducing costs do justice to too little the complex situation, because the potential risks in their diversity nor in their effectiveness with the same attention as the benefits are considered. Especially if the strategic decision for the off-shoring of the red pencil is, the possible risk potentials of experience usually only have the form discusses convenience.

2. superficial view of performance security: complexes IT functions such as application management basically represent a very sensitive system. Accordingly, the degree of risk increases progressively with the technical claim that underlies the service to be stored. This situation flows but often not enough in the evaluation processes of the company, if outsourcing decisions are prepared. For example, possible discrepancies in the mentalities of the quality and the performance potential on pages of the provider are not systematically evaluated. But don’t let the basic performance factors determine exactly, is especially for business-critical services be sure of an offshoring discouraged, because otherwise the potential cost benefits with incalculable risks are paid.