Clean Blinds

Blinds – this is one of the most unpretentious accessories. Whether it is vertical blinds or horizontal, fabric or aluminum, they practically do not get dirty. But what if they still darkened by time and dust? As care for blind, so they do not soiled, and if it really happened, how to clean blinds? The answer depends on what material they are made. However, each manufacturer recommendations for cleaning blinds. There nemoyuschiesya model, and there are washable, they are impregnated anti-dust coating, but more expensive. So before you buy ask your dealer how to properly care for this piece of furniture. And we will give you general advice. The most simple and unpretentious – a plastic blinds.

They easily withstand the dry and wet cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and vacuum cleaner, you can just wash it, and you can give to the dry cleaners. In short, this is the most comfortable blinds and also the cheapest. That's just for a cozy home atmosphere, they are not suitable. Aluminum blinds to the usual dry wipe or a damp cloth. Aluminium comfortable with the use of cleaning funds, but do not contain abrasives. It is best to wipe the blinds with a cloth moistened with water and shampoo, just making sure not to get water on the metal parts of the cornice. You can clean aluminum blinds vacuumed. In the rest of the blinds are simple and unpretentious.

Bamboo and wood blinds do not like humidity. They are clean and dry cloth, vacuum cleaner, and you can apply a brush made of feathers. No solvents or scouring powder! Only dry cleaning. So when you wash the windows, try to cleaner did not get to the blinds. Fabric blinds, especially vertical, rarely get dirty, and often wash them is not recommended. If the fabric is completely polyester, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. If the fabric is shiny or shines, so the water can not be used, otherwise, when the blinds to dry, they remain traces of water. In addition, these fabric blinds are covered with special impregnation, which erased, so the more often you wash your blinds, the sooner they start getting dirty. It is best to wipe the strip blinds artificial silk. There is another way of "laundering" – to turn slats (strips of cloth) in a roll and put in solution of soap or shampoo. Just leave the fins for a few hours in the water, then hang to dry. The main thing is not to rub them with a brush. Pleated blinds are not recommended to wash and soak. You can use the services of dry cleaners, or wipe with a dry cloth. How to clean blinds horizontal blinds control is carried out with a plastic knob for rotating the lamella and the cord for lifting / lowering of the product. In width from 28 cm to 200 cm control mechanism on the cornice can be placed both on the right (R) and left (L). The maximum size of 200 x 300 cm installing shutters on the windows of the flaps and glass doors. The lower plate is fixed to the frame of the product by holder, which prevents sagging blinds tilt windows or open doors. In this embodiment, shutters have only to turn slats.