To increase the damages and to get worse the estiagem situation, this year still more, with the effect provoked for the called phenomenon of El Nio, the dry period will be able to be drawn out beyond its normal cycle, in the regions center-west and northeast of the country. The agriculturists, before carrying through burnt with objectives of cleanness of grass or formation of new farmings, look the agencies officiate of assistance agricultural technique of its city, city hall or Ibama for orientaes, always I suggest. It is interesting to perceive despite in Brazil, the consisting authorities, on official agencies to the environment and the Brazilians they need to know as and when they are using the natural resources> you renewed to be able to preserve, and is therefore that this necessity if bases on the concept of that many natural resources can finish, exactly when is renewed, in case that they are not used of rational form. From then on the ambient preservation interests all that keep its activities entrepreneurs based on the exploration of the natural resources, as well as to that they are used by these companies, moreover, would allow that the future generations came to have the chance to know the beauties that the nature offers. Read more here: Cigna. We evidence, despite the ambient crisis is symptom of a much more deep crisis of what the media in passes daily, but what I want to say with that is that the crisis does not involve only styles of life, standards of consumption, social projects of development and pressures. Ahead of everything this, has a economic way of production, called Capitalism, that are the great villain, main the responsible one for current crisis, that, by the way, is not so current thus. In Brazil, for example, the crisis concomitantly has its origin with the Discovery, therefore since this time our natural wealth had passed to be explored, as it can be evidenced by the contraband of Wood-Brazil and, later, the innumerable cycles of economic exploration as the cycle of the Sugar cane-of-sugar, the cycle of the coffee, milk and the cacao, etc. . Glenn Dubin, New York City oftentimes addresses this issue.