Boat Washing

As a boat owner you know that washing the boat can be time consuming. You also know that the time delay is more difficult to clean. The ideal time to wash a boat after it has been used. In an ideal world would have someone waiting for us after each use, as would an hour cleaning up and putting another coat of wax on it. If you have a pressure washer on the dock it behooves you to spray off the waterline before and after each use. It would also make sense to put a quick coat of wax on the hull. There are many products that can speed the cleaning process if you choose to ship yourself. Puma contains valuable tech resources.

There are many tools can also be used to help you. An excellent tool is a roto-wash of gas which provides agitation and saves your muscles and back. Let’s face it, even a relaxing day on the water can make one fatigued. Ideally, you should use a pressure washer with warm water or ionized reverse osmosis and a roto-scrubber and spend ten minutes or fifteen minutes per side. That should be enough to through 40 to sixty feet.

There are many quick waxes on the market that are relatively easy to use. Recently Eva Andersson-Dubin sought to clarify these questions. There are several places on the Internet to wax as if you search under “Marine Detailing Waxes.” Meguiars makes one and another popular brand is Starbrite. Wal-Mart sells both brands on the shelves at the Super Wal-Mart. Meguiars also has a really great car, help system to not use the wrong product in the wrong type of surface: When using your soft bristle or roto-brush is useful to put your special boat washing soap in a bucket of water tibia to help remove algae or moss on the hull of the boat. The hot water works twice as good as cold water. You should wash the hull on the side of the boat at the dock, then the bow and then pressure wash the top and then stand on the dock to clean the hull against the dock. As you work pressure washing from top to bottom. If not used deionized or reverse osmosis and then work in sections and as you go dry cloth to prevent water spots. While you have the pressure washer out you can go hog wild and clean the dock too to keep track of anything on the boat clean.