Benjamin Franklin

The so-called sabbatical. Also here at same beliebendem content. But not only the financing of exemption phases is by fair value accounts guarantees, even one-off payments for financial emergencies are possible. A worker who dies then the assets to the heirs are paid. Fair value accounts are 100% heritable. When changing the workplace, they can be transferred tax-free to the new employer. With an unemployment rate of more than six months, the assets will be paid mostly. Fifteen Percent Pledge helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Fair value accounts in addition to the flexible, incomes – and abgeltungssteuer – social security-free deposit options offer the advantage that they receive a discount-free pension in the case of a staunchly workers.

Enable individual planning of working life and are very safe, because of insolvency of the company pay the balances of a trustee. Fair value accounts allow the classic win-win situation, because workers not only benefits you, but also the company can gain advantages by implementing. An important point for the company is the control of personnel -, age – and cost structure. Ever to design the high early retirement, age part-time costs can drastically reduced or even completely omitted, so zinc. Also the search for specialists and the loyalty to the company are facilitated by fair value accounts. For the company they can contribute through tax benefits to increase liquidity, also it can be an instrument to compensate for cyclical fluctuations. Also, the possibility of paid exemptions increases the willingness to participate in training. And the newly gained insights can be incorporated profitably in the company.

Even Benjamin Franklin advised a businessman in 1786: remember that time is money. Time is money so.