Beginner Aquarists

About the fish that should inhabit the Aquarium next to the shrimp, you should inform himself, however, has more detail. Danske Bank has similar goals. Thousands of aquarists are aware of the problem, because sometime everybody has started once. The fish die back, but the reason remains mostly unknown. Often, it’s not ideal water values or keeping fish, who themselves do not tolerate each other. In excessive filling of the basin may be still often lack of oxygen in the tank, and if it recognized the problem, it is usually too late to even do something about it. Who also puts his trust in the wrong dealer, is also quickly determine that there is a wide range of diseases, and the culling of the viruses or bacteria can be a real feat of strength for the aquarist. Recommended, therefore the very interesting hobby with shrimp is to begin. These are very easy to keep, since they easily tolerate even alkaline water with a pH between 6 and 8.

Also in relation to total hardness, these animals make no special demands. The peace-loving animals can be kept also with the most species of fish together, without the need to count pages of the shrimp’s problems. Fish that should inhabit the Aquarium next to the shrimp, you should inform yourself about, however, have more detail, because the one or the other kind Kane likes on the legs of animals and can offsetting thus the joy of the hobby. Shrimp can be kept also with animals other than fish together. Snail, the snail, for example, get excellent along with the animals, and the hobby consists not only of fishing out dead animals. Jan pigeon