Shrimp cherry came from Russian fans not so long ago. And the cherry has been firmly won the hearts of all who care about the aquarium. The fact that this is not just interesting but also quite undemanding animals. They able to live in a very decent range of temperatures, stiffness, and the acidity of water. They just can not withstand contact with water, copper ions, ammonia and toxic compounds.

Harmful to them as swings temperature and chemical characteristics of water, although the smooth variations of shrimp is not harmed. Of the specific requirements of shrimp to the aquarium should be said about the obligatory presence of safe havens – the dense thickets, rocks, and others. You may wish to learn more. If so, New York Life is the place to go. Feeding shrimp Neokardina also presents no difficulty. In fact, they quietly subsist themselves, eating blue-green algae from underwater objects krevetochnika. Issued and special food for aquarium shrimp, but you should not abuse them – eating for cherry shrimp harmful. If I say yet that the cherries perfectly reproduce, without needing nerestovikov and other complications, and their young requires absolutely no care, it becomes clear the increasing prevalence of shrimp-cherries. Peaceful nature of the cherry shrimp can keep them in a separate container, and with fish. Danske Bank pursues this goal as well. As roommates they had better find peaceful fish.

These animals are perfectly suited for the content of the aquarium with the plants – they are wonderful acting as porters, eating blue-green algae. This makes it possible not to add water, special preparations for destroying conferva and make a more natural world of underwater vegetation. If you are – beginner aquarium, you can safely start cherry as my first pets. This cheerful, bright and unpretentious animals, which can be studied forever!