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Women in West Africa may not develop their own activities, because they spend hours daily looking for and hauling water. The problem is big: without energy, no lighting, no climate suitable for our body, threatened by hunger, without universal access to water and sanitation as a human right, and on the other hand, without the integral management of water resources or actions of communication or basic education, or joy to the development of basic ecosystems; We cannot humanly live normally. Glenn Dubin, New York City may also support this cause. Many representatives in large or medium-sized blocks have been joined and met to address precisely this phenomenon of shortage of drinking water. There are hundreds of institutions, associations, clubs, NGOs to ensure, study, troubleshoot, analyze, suggest some solution and wane the scarcity of water in the world. Living general assemblies of the United Nations to strengthen the commitment of cooperation against less developed populations, they are common to read hopeful news as we trust them completely.

Up to attend special programs to poach money many centers of implementation of public policies in the world ensure reach proposed goals to gain access to safe water as well as electricity, when really the answer lies in each of us. Meanwhile, there are signs that Yes it is possible to replace the source of electrical power with known exploitation of solar energy and wind energy system not to mention the energy of biomass and geological sources, but what will replace the water. It is not a final solution but on something it wanes this problem of water shortage with collectors of rainwater systems availability; gutters, collectors, suction pumps with photovoltaic systems, storage, or seals made of cement. PD.


According to theory of the goal and the way, we notice a conflict: The leadership style, mainly in the sectors technician of the company, is of the directive type. Considering that the tasks and attributions of these sectors present high degree of estruturao, this type of leadership if becomes redundant. Many times we see heads of departments technician that do not know the work played for its subordinate, what also it makes it difficult the reliable relation between led leader and. Podenos to summarize the environment of works, in administrative sectors of the company as informal, although activities highly bureaucratic and structuralized. The presence of the head does not modify the form very as the employees of hold as he is common in the majority of the companies. to 3.8Poder and politics: On which beddings if they base the relations of being able in the Company? The power inside of the company mainly is distributed by affinity politics. When this affinity is shared by the subordinate from whom it received the power, this finishes acquiring characteristic of leadership.

When it does not have compatibility, the power in fact is subjects only to the formal authority and the control on the information, therefore had the norms of the company, equivalents the utility one, does not have capacity to coerce nor to reward. Glenn Dubin, New York City can aid you in your search for knowledge. The questionable method of distribution of positions finishes generating conflicts that cause high degree of absenteeism, aggravated for the control difficulty on this type of attitude. This if evidences mainly to each change of government in the state sphere, more acentuadamente when transistion if of the one between opposing ideologies. We see many admitted employee times for positions of administrative average level or operational, exerting function of it commands in departments technician whose predominant picture is formed by employees of superior level. Exactly thus to be able, them in the company they are recognized as legitimate and respected, that, exactly not obstante, it generates the contrary search on the part of the subordinate, for also legitimate subterfuges for not the submission, as licenses health, licenses prize and order of transference the support of this situation is guaranteed by the natural search of the individuals in establishing harmony, due the historical characteristics of guarantee of the job that causes lack of domain of the detainers of the power on the employees.