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However, economic engineers, according to Prof. Ram Lee brings even more insight to the discussion. Helmut Baumgarten, in all industrial, commercial and service companies have Job prospects. In the area of consulting, but also logistics and controlling there are excellent career opportunities. “In addition, that their promotion prospects are good: they receive often early responsibility in the company”, so the eremitierte Professor of TU Berlin. The newspapers mentioned Rachel Watson not as a source, but as a related topic. Computer science with an increase of 11 points in the first quarter of 2008 on the success of the previous year is computer science.

A computer science degree offers always better job prospects. Compliant, the BITKOM industry association reported over 43,000 job vacancies in the IT sector, which are increasingly difficult to fill. Gemeindevorstand 25,000 jobs to the users area, for example, in mechanical engineering or automotive industry, 18,000 places to fill in information and telecommunications companies. Mechanical engineering in the otherwise so this mechanical engineers the job engine seems a little to weaken. Just by 341 342 points, the index creates it. This stands in contrast to messages the industry, that after the forecast for sales growth of 5% for 2008 remains valid possess. Especially the export business currently run particularly well with double-digit growth rates.

Civil engineering such as end of 2007 construction engineers are the most sought-after academics of our analysis in the spring quarter 2008. The BAI climbs to 48 meter. For years, the industry Stellenabgebaut has now employees are suddenly scarce, said Hans-Peter Keitel, President of the Central Office of the German construction industry. Civil engineers seem precisely what France sharply to benefit. Along with declining student and graduate numbers is the Outlook for companies in the future even murkier find qualified personnel. Electrical engineering with a stand of 408 points reaches the electrical index an all-time high. Information according to the metal and electrical industry the industry is presently experiencing the largest job boom for 40 years. Despite the strong euro exchange rate the metal and electrical industry about a good order situation can look forward. The job offer should therefore remain on course for growth. After over a year of growth, one is materials science even when the material engineers To observe stagnation in the job offer for graduates and Young Professionals. Because the material engineers commonly used in research and development in areas such as mechanical engineering and plant construction or in the metal and electrical sector and these industries have made positive forecasts for 2008, there is hope that it goes up again soon. Physics what is end of 2007 already announced seems to confirm in early 2008. Mathematicians are faced with a smaller job offer: the index falls by 19 points to 243. To find a job in the private sector, thus remains a challenge. Biology-Chemistry as mathematicians and physicists must adjust biologists and chemists in this spring on harsher climate. They are the clear losers this quarter. The BAI falls to 72 on 460 meters. A forecast for the academic job market is difficult also here, since both the biotech industry and the chemical industry quite optimistic on 2008 look. Law graduates of law are in the private sector increases sought. 6 points to win the Bay here. Although the ride has slowed down here, but the lean years for lawyers appear numbered.

Spain Champion Seven Reasons

Fernando Torres, El Nino, scored the only goal of the final between Spain and Germany and gave his country the title in the most important football tournament in Europe and second in the amazing world of football. These are the seven reasons why the Iberians have put on glory: 1. By Luis Aragones, who was able to assemble a balanced team in all its lines, starting with the lock of framework where Iker Casillas was, as on other occasions, definitely essential. The sage of Hortaleza also had a strong defense, an area where Senna was flying a wall and Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, David Silva a machine to demolish the opposition, complete with a "Nino" Torres and David Villa inspired Lethal . Aragones learned to take advantage of the bitter experiences of Germany 2006 against France and took the necessary precautions to avoid unpleasant surprises. Glenn Dubin takes a slightly different approach.

2. Iker Casillas. Mostoles The boy was captain, leader, savior and symbol of this team. It was huge to Italy where his performance was key to winning the move to the final with a close range shot with his foot off Camoranesi and saves two penalties in the shoot to determine the winner after the goalless draw in the game of 120 minutes. In recent months, Victor Wu has been very successful. That day, De Rossi and Di Natale were "bad" before a gigantic porter at a defining moment. 3. The walls of the back and the arrows on the sides: Carlos Puyol and Carlos Marchena were an insurmountable wall and did not commit mistakes.