ZEP Shakun

3. in more knowledge.. Circumstances of the accident 14.03.2007g. at the beginning shift power engineer with the functions of the master EMC Lebedev AD electricians foreman instructed Kolyada LV and to Mr. elektromonte Gais VI carry out electrical maintenance on-demand shops, and when received application for a motor repair shop ZEP bitumen unit and 10 hours and 40 minutes, the foreman Kolyada LV LebedevuA.D reported. that the motor burned out, mas-ter instructed Kalyada LV and Gaisu VI closely engaged in repairing the engine. Perform maintenance of cranes, addressing some interferences on the incoming requests from the crane operators were charged elektromon-Teramo Parfenov, AA and Shakun, A.; what they did.

Before lunch Parfait break-new AA and Shakun, AV repaired gantry crane Inv. 561, as was done by the Journal-label applications for the repair of electrical equipment EMC. In 13 hours, 50 minutes ma-shinist crane Sakovets AN made in the above journal entry a fault on overhead cranes Inv. 518 (the absence of the lifting body lifting). Accord-filed application but electricians Parfenov, AA and Shakun, AV in 14 hours, 10 minutes from the right to repair. Arriving at the bridge crane 518 2 shop, they gave UCA-zanie Sakovets trolley to move the crane as far from the cab in the annex to the front beam to the possibility of safe passage for the power-on handrail welded to it, on the valve repair sites for pa-bot. Turning to the repair site, they fastened safety tethers snap-GOVERNMENTAL belts to the fence repair site and engaged in repairing the power cable.