Zavala Government

He has opportunities to develop to the nation. But lack a national project of development. And so that this happens it must have consensuses. One is not to elaborate a project based on the public bureaucracy, in the Executive Cabinet, devised by a reduced group of people. It must be a discussed plan shared by all the actors of sociedad”. Of to persist a single vision to handle to the country ” unilateral, partial, by imposition, this does not work.

What we have is an autocratic model of Government, where everything depends on a single personage. I do not say that this is a Dictatorship but is an autocratic model in which the powers public, the resources, the dispositions, until the ideas, must be centralized in the President. It adds Zavala mace, that is a certain fact, that the national productive apparatus practically is dismantled, ” in the first place because the investments necessary have not been realised to extend it, to replace inventories and to update it technologically. This has not become because there is no confidence in the country, is no legal security and much less institutional stability. Secondly, in the present Government a policy of massive imports has activated very hard. The majority of the things that are consumed in Venezuela comes from the foreigner, and indeed from the United States, with that there is a great discord Conclusion Before the new openings, deposition of the government to initiate new alliances with emergent markets, with countries that are true powers, cannot continue ignoring what represents its enterprise sector, must pay more attention to him to the serious problems that at the moment it confronts of improductividad, as well as to the universities that are those that trains the professionals whom it requires stops that these collaborate with their plans, programs and favor their objectives, especially, the one that as much is announced, to transform to Venezuela into a Power without being it jeopardize to dependency economic, cultural, technological.