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UNI.DE want to BBs those who know not? Praise to credit due to a service you provided but not really even. There are enough – examples from a stolen idea – to to the full copy of another work. People such as Nike would likely agree. The phrase “with borrowed plumes adorn themselves” originates from the fable of Phaedrus, born 20 BC and died at approximately 51 n. Christ. In one of his fables is a Crow, which is decorated with peacock feathers and wants to reap praise for it. The peacocks do not tolerate this, take the springs away from her and her snatch even their own feathers of the wings. Students should take this saying to heart and pay attention to possible consequences when you write down or copy existing works.

Who once caught the fraud, so soon also else no longer believes the. It is also not advisable intellectual thought of others for own success to “steal”. Finally comes the study by studying and not by copying. The student will eventually learn, also includes Relationships to understand them with mind, play own words and possibly from new discoveries to draw conclusions. On the other hand is to cheat the ability, or to decorate that man not caught again a power in itself, but without prospects for development in the chosen field of study – maximum towards fraud and not really as a desirable student with borrowed plumes. UNI.DE wants to know BBs: you may adorn themselves with borrowed plumes? Every opinion counts. Previously published Comments can be found under: description of the company UNI.DE was founded in 1997 by students and is the leading German-speaking special interest online platforms around the topics of study, career, education & Young Professionals.

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