Young Education

The ZDR is the singular learning of each individual, therefore the biological factors go if modifying from the sociocultural psychological development. The ZDP is the social learning mediated by the others, intervention moment on the acquired knowledge that modifies the individual psychological development. The symbolic language takes the formation of the interior speech that appears as form of mediation between the interior speech and the social world. On this perspective: ‘ ‘ It is interesting to observe that the idea of the convergence of two independent lines of development in the formation of superior psychological processes is sufficiently characteristic of Vygotsky: its postulation for the relations between thought and language also includes the idea of two separate genetic trajectories, that in one determined moment of the development if join, giving to origin to a process qualitatively diferente’ ‘. (OLIVEIRA; 1993:30) a presented time the perspective of a description-cultural boarding, that if characterizes for the internalization of the instruments and symbols produced for the cultural way and the inserted interpretation in the social context from the mediating action as knowledge source, can, at last, cogitate a metodolgica strategy come back toward Adult the Young Education of e.

Strategies of learning also return its analysis for learning-I teach, in which it distinguishes the spontaneous conceptual formation, that is, internalizada of the ways description-cultural data to the citizen of the knowledge, of the technician-scientific concepts, that are those acquired by ‘ ‘ half of education, as part of an organized system of knowledge, (…) submitted the deliberate processes of instruction escolar’ ‘. (OLIVEIRA; 1993:31) the theory of the activity is the theory that applies the description-cultural activity as clarifying concept-key in the mediation of the man with the world. In the process of mediation for which the citizen is assumen of the cultural goods and transforms them, proper it finishes for developing its superior mental functions, and thus he is transformed.