Yacht Name Search

For a good cause: Right to choice of name for a training boat in the Dortmund port can be auctioned–proceeds go to kids pools e.V.! The steel yacht of Adriatic Dortmunder sport boat school recorded their journey sailing team in the waters of the Dortmund port. Instructors and students are happy: this boat has everything to learn on your boating. What’s wrong with her but, is a really good name. That’s why the Managing Director Jorg decided craftsmen and Ralph Brix, to make a virtue out of necessity: the Adriatic sailing team auctioned off the right of the name. The highest bidder chooses the name, is namesake, baptizing the yacht itself and does so still good: the proceeds of the auction goes as a donation to kids pools e.V. in Dortmund. Yet it is called “Avanti”. Craftsmen and Ralph Brix find too unimaginative Jorg.

But: This name the yacht already carried at the time of purchase. Now she will finally get a new name. The search is then rather unconventional: everyone can take against a bid. He gets the nod on free choice of name Highest bidder. And soon the yacht, perhaps named after the beloved wife, your own company or hometown. The proceeds of the maximum bid will be donated to the Dortmund Club children’s laughter. The famous Dortmund figure skater Marina Kielmann is accept the cheque as official Ambassador of children pools e.V.. The delivery is effected at the christening”in the Dortmund port on October 29 at 11: 00.

The name proposals including bids can immediately by email, FAX or by post at the Adriatic sailing team be sent to 23.10.2010. Maximum of twelve signs in Latin characters (incl. spaces) are possible. There are a few rules to keep in mind however: for example, the name must be not religious or political, and disparage any individuals, groups or institutions. Also the combination of first name and surname of a person living or deceased is not allowed. For further information, give Jorg craftsmen and Ralph Brix, Tel. 0231 / 5602352 or on the Internet at called auction. Name suggestions please send to: Adriatic sailing team Dortmund, Landgrave str.