Worldwide Ordering Platform

WEFRA based advertising agency Frankfurt and MMS medical media services London ‘’ Neu-Isenburg, 12.06.2012 – the copy of scientific studies and articles, which were published in an internationally recognized journal, suitable for reputation and communication purposes. But most international pharmaceutical companies attract in the ordering process of such reprints completely independently the respective publishing house representatives in their countries. A transnational, internally coordinated communication between the PR and marketing executives held little capacity and accountability reasons.”synchronized global reprint orders” is an international online platform in English German, which orders can be synchronized worldwide of reprints. The idea had the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt, one of the leading healthcare agencies in Germany, and MMS medical Media Services Ltd, a top media agency in the English health segment.

After a successful test phase we are now live”, says Matthias Haack, managing partner of the WEFRA group. The advantages are clearly obvious for him: there is only one contact, which centrally controls the supply, coordination, and ordering process, controls and communicates the various country offices of a company. Approval processes concerning layout, language, advertising or logo placement are made according to clear rules and are thus transparent for every product manager or buyer. Barchester is actively involved in the matter. Also in terms of quality of the reprints, users will benefit from the concentrated know-how of the two founding agencies. Through our platform, the global orders can be bundled by reprints. The companies optimize their budget just in terms of production and any translation work. Also the ordering is much easier and faster”said Haack. The Platform provides all medical articles in leading journals in a database or makes available online upon request.

Also, the user has also the possibility, all studies and expert contributions to archive the original release as well as the emphasis. Also interesting for publishers reprint buyers from the individual country representatives are optimally networked via the platform. This is also to the advantage of publishers, because it favors as it were the internal marketing’ for the relevant reprints. An interest in several countries on a single publication increased in this way automatically leads to higher orders, the submit it directly from the Publisher. This central point of contact capability of coordination is also on pages of the media noticeably reduced. About the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt: integrated strategic communication from a single source, this is the philosophy of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt: six specialized agencies, are United under one roof, the warrant for whose sustainable implementation.