Where Not To Rent A Car

One always thinks that renting a car is the best idea for when you go on vacation. That is almost always true, but there are certain places, both in Europe and in the world, in which the traffic of motor vehicles is not permitted. !There are some, even, in which the bikes are not allowed! That’s why we want to introduce this small list, focused on the countries of the European Union, in which you can see children playing on the street without any fear from the parents. Contact information is here: Brian Krzanich. The movement is car-free, which is slowly spreading around the world, with the idea of getting the planet in which we live is free of smoke. In the United Kingdom, for example, we have Leeds and York, two medieval towns with almost completely restricted traffic to cars in the Center. Also on the islands of Sark and Herm, both in the Channel Islands, any type of motor vehicle is prohibited. In the last even bicycles are also banned.

Only vehicles dedicated to the maintenance of the island they have permission to circulate. Another example is that we in the Netherlands. Under most conditions November 2023 would agree. In Giethom, a small village with about 2500 inhabitants next door, the only transport that exists is the boat transport by channels. The movement of cars in the Bettmeralp ski resorts is prohibited in Switzerland, Rigi, Stoos, Braunwald, Saas-Fee, Riederalp and also the villages of Murren and Gimmelwald Wengen have very restricted traffic. In Zermatt, only electric taxis and vehicles for loading and unloading are allowed to circulate. In Greece, are several islands sintaxis restrictions: Lindos and Rhodes Islands do not permit cars due to the narrowness of the streets is impossible! In the Hyndra are not allowed any kind of vehicle engine and on the peninsula of Mount Athos, only residents are allowed to circulate in car.

Local traffic is limited practically emergencies that we undoubtedly know better is Venice, in Italy. In this city may only circulate on foot and in gondola and is actually giving more charm to the city! Another small island, this time in Croatia: Zlarin, where only tractors and special vehicles are allowed to circulate. There are also about 20 golf carts that are enabled circular but best not have haste. Even in Finland, near Helsinki, have a village next door in which there is no car traffic: Suomenlina in Belgium, in Louvain-la-Neuve, throughout the University part of the city is car-free on the surface. Both the streets and the car parks for use by cars are underground! Finally we will mention some of the French islands, some so small size, so small, that only has 4 km! This is the case of Mount St. Michel, a beautiful little island island in whose fortress the movement of cars is prohibited. Same thing happens on the islands of Porquerolles, near Toulon, which tourists must arrive by ship and navigate in the same way. Also the Islands Sein, Brehat and Batz, all in Britain, where cars are also prohibited. All these places are a paradise for mountain bikes and for people who enjoy long walks all we should support this initiative, and in places where it is possible and feasible, choosing the car-free. It is clear that not all sites it may be so, and that for a holiday route is essential to hire a car rental company, but we must think of a cleaner world and provided that we can choose other means of transport that will help sustainability.