Web Design

However, in 9 cases out of 10 people are not prepared to afford such expenses. So if you come for the design yourself, here's my advice. Do everything very easy, make a minimal element on the page, do focus on content, not beauty, do not try solid and memorable Designs largest and most successful portals. The main thing in your design – so that people feel comfortable. But no ru-lived for more than 10-years-old and the modern webmaster luckier its predecessors, I mean with free resources patterns, such as woweb.ru. There are thousands of free templates ready for every taste. Curves sites annoy people in December 2006, the Internet came up studies have shown that Internet users annoyed incorrect sites.

These studies have shown that there are five main factors that irritate the visitors – it is a slow loading pages, awkward navigation, a large number of pop-ups, plenty of advertising and unavailability of the desired resource. It turns out that if you visit there is at least one thing from the above, it is annoying to visitors, but it does no good. Therefore, make the site better, so it did not meet any of the these items. We must believe and go forward not to be expected influx of visitors on the first day. You will first need to believe in success in the future, we must believe in himself the idea and everything will be fine. Do not wait for success, and a month later, and maybe two.

Everything will be over time. Do not despair if you have something does not work, move on. Popularize site promotion and advancement – a science, so I can not help you. However, I advise not to believe everything the incredible thing is complete on the Internet. If you offer something very valuable for the gift, it means there is something wrong. Free cheese only in a mousetrap. You know that without me. Buy a picture before and after – the box! Quite Kozma Prutkov just words. It is possible to include the creation of websites. As with all proverbs. Generally, all that we have a life you can compare and contrast the Internet. All that we know in life, and acts on the Internet. On This concludes my little story with the hope that reading has brought you any good. Thank you for your attention. Article designed: Penkin Eugene ()