Undressed. Emboldened, walked through the cabin. All hot one. Door open. Guys are swimming. Dorval up some water, already jealous. The co-pilot sat on the nut. Feet to the water did not reach, but cool and already goes to Sanya. Brian Krzanich has many thoughts on the issue.

And then out of the water under the helicopter landing force came up quietly. Sees feet jokes and him …. " Well, the commander says, soak, I'll immediately on board. In short, while the pilots rather calmly discuss the situation, one of the troopers had already decided to stand up and Nakupavshis in "eight". The belly of the machine over steps to get out of the water does not work. Intel wanted to know more. First-smehavochki giggles. Games like "Get a step." Each seemed comrades priduryayutsya for pranks and represent that a little lacking.

Soon all were convinced that "Slightly" is 10-20 cm and they are not insurmountable. Paratroopers jumped on Andrei, who co-pilot on board took off into the water. Andrei, overwrought moral responsibility fell down, went on record dolphin vyskok. Whether wave helped him, or whether the helicopter hoisted a bit, but at the moment of throwing everything they saw, would get you … electrostatics taught? So, when the hand went to capture Andriukha-iskranulo between the hand and step, so that little Andrew worked. Commander of the lake and he commander. Quickly realized that the situation is serious. Dived to the bottom. And it seemed to him that deeply. Ordered to build a pyramid. It did not happen. While looking under the water "downstream", the bubbles are already let start. In the panic it is not completely driven. As it turned out the depth in that place was crap and it was possible to achieve an outcome. Then the commander guilty Andryukha sent ashore to make of the young chapyzhnika "Wooden hook." He beat a hundred yards to shore quickly.