Vicente Francisco

Consequently, the capacity of estigmatizar the other diminishes or until if it inverts, when a group leaves to be in conditions to keep its monopoly of the main sources of being able existing in a society and to exclude from the participation in these sources other interdependent groups? old outsiders. So soon they diminish the disparidades of force or, in other words, the inaquality of the balance of being able, the old groups outsiders, in turn, they tend to retaliate. They appeal the one against-estigmatizao (…) (NORBERT, 2000 apud BRITTO, 2005, P. 44). Some scientific speeches if had propagated with easiness and had been acquitted completely for many, this loaded rhetoric of a latent racial preconception, do not allow in many cases, the arrival in fact to a igualitria society and of historical concretude.

For consequence we do not perceive the valuation of the afro-descendants, a contradictory fact in the history of our country, since they are fundamental part of the construction of the national identity, social, religious and cultural of our nation. 4. Consideraes Final Is necessary to believe that problematic the racial one that was lived by the black Vicente Francisco of the Espirito Santo, if it does not restrict in fact, to an exception. The racism cases, that are crimes, must be divulged, be denounced and the culprits duly punished, not being admitted that if they transform into rule of clear exclusion social, as had been to histories of the black citizens that had not had voice and the crime that had suffered one more time, found endorsement in the white and dominant society.