Vaqueiro Seeds

One kilo of seeds contains approximately 3,000 units. Culture of changes: To place the seeds to germinate, as soon as they will be harvested, in seedbeds the full sun, I contend arenaceous substratum. After that cover-Go with a layer of 0,5 cm of the bolted substratum and to irrigate two times to the day. The emergency occurs in 2-3 weeks and the germination tax generally is low. Transplantar the changes for individual packings when with 5-6 in and from there directly for the definitive place in 4-5 months. The development of the plants in the field is fast. USE OF the PLANT AND CHARACTERISTICS OF the WOOD Feeding human being: the seeds are eatable and contain an oil, eatable, pleasant clearly to the palate, finish, of high quality and with low free acidity. The gotten pie of the seeds without rind can be used in the feeding human being.

Medicine caretaker: the latex is used as mezinha balsamic, being known as ' ' Balsam of the Vaqueiro' '. The USA it rind and entrecasca of caule in maceration, infusion or decoction, against the ovarianas inflammations, inflammations diverse generalities, hemorrhage and wounds. The latex is used against the dermatosis and to cauterize warts. Popular veterinary medicine: used in the treatment of verminoses of the domestic animals. Forest restoration: rustic plant, of great resistance to dries and of fast growth, it can be used to advantage for the first phase of heterogeneous reforestations destined the recovery of degraded and eroded areas, especially in the regions more droughts. Also it can be used in the resetting of ciliares bushes, agroflorestais Systems: it can be used in the composition of arbreas bands between plantations and as forrageira arbrea (of bigger interest inerme would be the plant) for ration for all the types of domestic animals. It can be used as hedge row. Fodder plant: the falling leaves, the rind, the bran of caule new and the branches serve of fodder plant the goats, sheep, jumentos, bovines and swines. The seeds fatten the hens, pigs and ovdeos and are valuable food sources for wild animals. pigs eat the roots. The resultant pie of the extration of the oil of the seed has raised content of proteins and minerals and can serve as valuable fodder plant for the cattle and excessively animal domestic servants.