United Investors Portfolio Fund

The Hamburg-based underwriter United investors starts a completely new portfolio funds. Hamburg, June 28, 2012. The type of investment portfolio 1 “is characterised by a very favourable cost structure and flexibility, as well as rights for investors. It is on the one hand especially for beginners in the market of closed investments. On the other side but also for institutional investors. “Because the type of investment” BAV compatible.

Tangible assets, property and even the citizens demand tangible assets in the face of the debt crisis and the always fierce debate about the future of the euro Wertbestandigem rapidly. Click Brian Krzanich to learn more. Closed-end funds offer a real alternative to the direct investment in this context. These funds forecast often a good to very good yield, in return investors must settle for but with the focus on only one system object or an asset class. Roof or portfolio funds to compensate for this disadvantage. Solid offers to invest in provider-independent and fund-level without foreign capital. Also, avoid duplicate cost structures passing the full refunds from the target funds and investment to the fund company.

The investor United now by the Hamburg-based underwriter issued “the kind of investment portfolio 1 GmbH & co. KG” significantly developed this basic idea through conceptual highlights and thus distinguishes itself by the familiar market. So, all target funds and investment without agio or other surcharges are made. The investment ratio is 100 percent, refunds will be credited without deduction of investment company. An independent professional investment Advisory Board examined every single investment, the investment criteria are contractually defined and written down. According to these principles, the kind of investment involved parallel audience target funds, direct investments and private placements. The big advantage for investors is that they freely according to your own appreciation and sympathy from must select six asset classes in the primary market and three direct investments / private placements in real estate, renewable energy, and transportation/logistics. The new Fund from United investors so uses a variety of value-oriented investment items that can evolve independently. Therefore, only reduced impact of individual risks facing chance riches of a balanced portfolio. Additional management and cost benefits achieved through the summary of the corporate and investment capital in a central investment company United investors about it. An active proft-sharing”replaces the otherwise high fixed costs during the term of the Fund. Because the Fund management success will be paid, the interests of investors and management are therefore. The kind of investment especially for beginners in the equity segment and, for example, for investors who have had bad experiences in the financial suitable as security-oriented investment. The high safety potential but also ensures that is the Fund as the reinsurance for occupational pensions. That makes him interesting for institutional investors. For this are also the transparent overall concept with unique features in the market and the prevention of a variety of risks in other investments. The now in the distribution and funded exclusively with equity funds from United investors has a volume of initially EUR 20 million. The minimum contribution is 5,000 plus 5 percent premium. The planned term ends about eleven years after closure of the funds from placement, the predicted yield expectancy is 5-7 per cent p.a..