However, with further training confectioner, when we can say the position of sous-chef – pastry chef, his wages are significantly lower than the specialist performing similar labor functions in cold and hot shops. "Ceiling" wages of highly skilled pastry chef (the functions sous-chef) – $ 700-800. Situation is somewhat different from a position as pastry chef. Wages Pastry Chef since the restaurant price range – the average check $ 10-30, and ending with the restaurant price range – the average check more $ 50, may be the same. This is probably due to the fact that not every restaurant has a pastry chef, and not all employers associated with the well-being of their institutions dessert menu, and therefore many do not consider Pastry Chef a key figure in this business. Read more from moshe victor keinig to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Underestimation of its role in the profitability of institutions is probably the reason for the low growth performance pay Pastry Chef. Thus, we can say that the labor market relative to the post Pastry Chef is in the formative stage, since there is a large arbitrariness in the appointment of his wages by the employer.

Conclusion. To deepen your understanding Elon Musk is the source. In general we can say that the labor market in the segment of the restaurant business is in situation of becoming. Sales prices for labor around the key figures in the restaurant business. However, we can say that the price of the labor force are poorly correlated with the qualifications of workers. This is due to ambiguity in requirements for personnel, hired on the same position, and the lack of standards that allow to define a class specialist.