Twowheel Motorcycles

But come autumn, the weather still does not prevent travel on motorcycles and scooters. This is evident by the fact the number of motorcycles and scooters, which appear on the roads. Five years ago their number was significantly lower in the city streets. The popularity of motorcycles is growing every year and does not pass, and five minutes to the field of view is not caught someone who chose this two-wheeled form of transport. Who are the modern drivers, and why they chose a bike or scooter as a vehicle? Recently portrait who rides a motorcycle or scooter, has undergone great changes. Previously, it was a lot of enthusiasts in love with motorcycles, and romance road, but now thanks to the growth of wealth, fashion trends and just needed to sit the motorcycle both students and very successful people.

Young people, students and schoolchildren, they saw a scooter rather cheap vehicle that lets you quickly move and not be limited by public transport. Many people, moreover, between the ages of 20 to 65 years refuse to use a car and prefer to bike or scooter, because in this way you can quickly and without traffic jams to get to work. Transport problems, forcing many to think that you can use a more convenient form of transport. Such people are becoming more and more. Constant traffic jams cause overruns gasoline in cars, he can reach 20 or 30 liters per 100 kilometers. The motorcycle also consumes 8 or 10 times smaller.