Transparency Shipping

For the first time at the LogiMAT 2014 LogiMAT Stuttgart, the largest international trade fair for distribution, material and information flow takes place from 25 to 27 February 2014 in Stuttgart. The focus of the exhibition are innovative products, solutions and systems for procurement, warehouse, production and distribution logistics. Also the range of courier, express and parcel services (CEP services) offered a special forum: within the framework of the world trade forum for modern commercial processes, several lectures deal is equal with the future of the CEP market. LetMeShip professional specialized in the optimization of CEP and pallet shipping for large customers with over 1000 posts a month “mark Winkelmann explains the basis of the transport management solution. Therefore it is very fitting, is that CEP is a big topic at the LogiMAT this year.” LetMeShip Professional is the standardization of shipment processing with multiple service providers in the foreground, to make shipment processing more efficient and independent. Multicarrier Functionality as multi-carrier system makes LetMeShip professional unlimited shipping provider down. Where there is no agreement with an Alternativdienstleister rate can be purchased cheap on LetMeShip.

A service provider change or the use of multiple service providers at cheap rates is possible through the multi-carrier functionality”explains Mr. Winkelmann, Managing Director at LetMeShip. No changes in the booking or handling the broadcast creates through standardized processes. “The so-called lock-in effect falls away and making the company independent.” Transparency of shipping information shipping information are often opaque, especially when there are different branches, departments and managers”, as Wang. But transparency about this data creates the basis for better strategic decisions, such as for example a shift to a cheaper shipping method from express to standard. ” LetMeShip professional, all shipping information is collected centrally, so transparency about information such as item number, sizes and weights, destinations, shipping options and costs will be created. All information are broken down to location and cost center.

SGS co-exhibitors at the LogiMAT exhibitors will be the Hamburger company SGS Griep Meerwinck GmbH. SGS is one of the most renowned providers for addressing and shipping logistics software in Germany. Focus of the exhibition with LetMeShip professional 5100 is the shipping software SYSTEM. This enables automated delivery of bulk mailings, such as for example package shipping from the warehouse. More information on LogiMAT more about LetMeShip professional, see shipping processing/LetMeShipProfessional see see about LetMeShip professional LetMeShip Professional is a Web-based transportation management system for process optimization and cost reduction for large customers and corporations find more about SGS Griep Meerwinck GmbH. It is the focus on the Office and ad hoc shipping by courier, express, Parcel and pallet shipments. Shipment and invoice complaints of the shipping chain can be outsourced to LetMeShip, to further streamline the processes within the company.