The man who is the irresistible time known to be breath of your mouth, and to his Kingdom, insurance summons him hope of the incorruptible soul. So is the reality of our but under the Sun as a brand calendar, trusting in the love of the divine being. Life and death happens in ordinary, Superior to faith is our destination in the being of his being extraordinary! Touchstone unshakable rock, divine love. Promotion of sonnet if understand us with is what did that seeks the eternal of regular, is a disgrace if we do not understood and went out for anything on stage. Us promotes, we live and we exist and before God that is extraordinary, consent is that you matter and reborn, his absolute, divine and necessary. The world integrates in his presence every moment of the time in its existence, perhaps, it disintegrates under zero. Human freedom, in your presence will weave to his grace on the trail, happy eternity, I do not despair! Becomes ordinary being extraordinary, in our being. Dynamics of Christ sonnet realities are my thoughts of the heavenly father who gives me life, to you I give it, bread and food am the vine who grow my shoots. Divine love are my feelings and in truth the reason for my coming, I’m sky and heart, my farewell indoctrinated them in my knowledge. Treading where floor, stars are as nothing to the passage of my footprints, where I go, I hope every friend. Fulfilled my promises are most beautiful remain true to my word, as I say, I before the father, serve them witness! Be God and man! Before the father witness, perfect friend. God is my inspiration sonnet I wonder how is the divine being who is eternal, endless, unknown, essential to the well together happy in absolute truth, do you imagine? My words are nothing if I define to which is indefinable to my sense, his infinite there is no content, not even me but I understand.