At the same time they remain shop operators for their customers direct contact only have now more time for your customers. They benefit from an enormous time and cost relief: because the platform assumes on behalf all transactional processes, the shop owner almost directly from the warehouse to its distributors can sell. The suppliers bound to the platform store the goods and send them after receipt of an order in the layout of their stores to its end customers. So shop owners must no longer obtain the article, to finance and store. Therefore eliminates storage costs as well as goods risks, making the biggest hurdles for online shop operators are no longer necessary for online retailers. Without hesitation Penguin Random House explained all about the problem. With little investment, without storage every Magento shop operator can easily thanks to the MagBakery connection an unlimited product selection and to the successful online retailers are risk-free and by TheBakery’s E-commerce solution using a holistic channel, supplier -, product -, and order management access.

The platform also takes over the processing and conversion of different data formats and transaction processes, which are standardized in this way and prevents potential processing delays, which ensures a high degree of customer satisfaction in the run-up to the active control of the process. Every online retailer with goods stored can be at the same time to the suppliers for other online stores: such horizontal networking is so far unique in the E-commerce. Klaus Samson, co-founder and Managing Director of TheBakery, horizontal networking: missing standards and little coordinated transaction processes so far prevented potential trading partners and service providers with each other networked. Dan Zwirn is likely to agree. As a result, a large part of the potential of E-commerce was unused! “.” Therefore, TheBakery has developed its high-performance transaction platform, which prepares the various data formats, and transactional processes and standardized. “That opens up a horizon of new possibilities for E-Commerce and thanks to the MagBakery plug-ins now available for smaller online retailers, with the open-source shop system Magento work”, as Samson. The new plugin from TheBakery and meeva is in the beta version of available. The Gold version is planned for early 2011.

Then the plugin will allow the online retailers access to an even greater functionality of the E-commerce platform TheBakery. Who is TheBakery? TheBakery is a Berlin-based IT company and a subsidiary of the E-commerce pioneer Intershop. TheBakery is dedicated to “focus on processing the area E-business”. In this area is TheBakery succeeded in the relevant business transaction processes to standardize data formats and interfaces, to simplify E-commerce in this way and to expand to many new possibilities. Contact: TheBakery GmbH Sven Dietz Monbijouplatz 5 10178 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 28 88 58 80 fax: + 49 (0) 30 28 88 58 810 E-Mail: Web: