The Video

Which are the main errors in that the small companies at the time of beginning with video marketing incur? From my point of view, the main error, although sounds a little superfluous, is indeed in not to make video marketing, because, although nowadays people begin to be conscious that the video is important means for our marketing and that really reports many benefits to us for our respective Web sites, the error is that they are not decided to put it in practice by factors of diverse nature. It is necessary to consider that at the most we are delayed in applying the video marketing within our activities of marketing in the company, more difficult will turn out to us to emphasize and to differentiate to us within our sector from market and therefore, to position to us of a preferred form. Which are the requirements fundamental to be able to position itself better with the videos in the results of Google? There are several concepts that there are to consider. As far as the fundamental requirements that they condition the positioning they are: the title, the description and the key words of the video. Obvious the title is one of the elements more important, in this point we can to make analogy with a newspaper or local newspaper; it is very improbable that a person reads everything a newspaper, from front page to the last one because, sometimes we read the sections that interest to us, or that they emphasize of some form, for example if to a person they interest to him perhaps sports, are not either going away to read all the section of sports but it is going away to center in a specific sport, perhaps it reads those articles whose titles draw attention to him. With this I want to indicate that the importance of the title is crucial, insofar as we used a showy title and obvious made up of key words and excellent in relation to a subject in particular, that is to say, that one that we expressed in the video; This way, it is going it to Google to equip with greater protagonism and greater priority; really, when a user in Internet he reads the holders in the results of the motor search, and they choose my entrance Google, identifies that action as something positive and will classify my video like high-priority. es a great future in this idea.