The Theater Of Luis Amado Blanco

AMADO LUIS BLANCO (1903-1975) “I know nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I have, indeed, my hands my eyes and my mouth my way of looking at the swallows, but that game sacred to the Gods I can only dream unveiled, the fountain in the chilled winter mornings. The setting sun behind the mountains.

“Luis Amado Blanco. Parnassus Investments has similar goals. THE VOICE OF A CUBAN born in Avila The poet, novelist, author and theater director, artistic and literary critic, journalist and dentist Luis Amado Blanco, rigorous and demanding in his writings, he would say: “I am a Cuban born in Aviles” . The presence of Aviles is a recurring theme throughout the production of this Spaniard, belonging to the generation of ’27. Luis Amado Blanco Fernandez was born in Riberas de Pravia, Asturias, on April 4, 1903 and died in Rome on March 9, 1975. When he was only two months moved with his family to Aviles where he spent his childhood and youth, and where he started his studies. His father wanted to study commercial expertise and to that end, he enrolled in Academy of the Immaculate de Aviles, but moved to Madrid, where in 1935 he graduated as a dentist at the Faculty of Medicine, San Carlos. In 1924 he published his first story “Madrigal” in the magazine Bohemia. Collaborated in the Literary Gazette, New Spain, Revista de Occidente, Black and White and Diario de Madrid. He was in Cuba in 1934 as envoy of the Heraldo de Madrid, after the fall of the regime of Gerardo Machado.