The Temperature

Metal pipes also have restrictions on the temperature and pressure, and grow old quickly at elevated temperatures, are afraid of direct sunlight, and can also be split. All tubes with the use of polymers have a limited lifespan, and pipe breaks lead to the need of repair, and well, if only pipelines. Often refer to the widespread use of plastics in the West, but we tend to forget that the coolant temperature there is much less (below 80 C), rather than 90-95 C, as we have. Brian Kzanich spoke with conviction. The best choice – it's copper pipes that are not afraid of high pressures (greater than 200 atm), temperatures (1000 C), corrode like iron, are not afraid of direct sunlight, do not allow oxygen, keep their shape, are easy to install and have a good appearance. Capital One Financial Corp.: the source for more info. The price of copper wiring, is often less than the plastic, due to cheap fittings, and service life of such a system is not limited.

Must be borne in mind that excessive water consumption leads to accelerated corrosion of pipes, and too little in the deposition of sediment in the pipes. To avoid this necessary to adjust the costs by balancing valves. Radiators. Today offers many types of radiators. When buying a radiator is absolutely necessary to take account of their rated power and size. Importantly know well, for what conditions specified nominal power. For example, you need a heat sink capacity of 1500 watts (which can be estimated from the heat loss of 60-100 W per square meter), the temperature of the supplied hot water in the radiator – 80 C, leaving – 60 C (these data can be obtained from the designer or supplier of the boiler).