The Superintendent

Search for suitable employees is complicated by the fact that at present domestic vocational training institutions do not train people to work with new technologies and advanced materials. The main reason is that the modern market building technology developing so rapidly that most schools do not have time to adjust curricula or develop new ones. As a result, professionals who produce educational institutions are not willing to work with modern technology. Another serious problem is the low level of training young professionals. Most of them lack the practical knowledge and skills in their specialty. In the absence of the necessary experience and skills of young professionals today's leading position specialists and managers of construction enterprises, mainly by specialists pension and retirement age. Currently, the number of graduates of building schools is growing. Engineering profession, architects, builders and designers once again become prestigious, so analysts construction industry doing quite optimistic forecasts for the next few years.

Staff recruitment Staff recruitment in construction industry has its own characteristics. Theoretically, selection of experts in the construction companies involved in the personnel department, but in practice the service staff treated only in case of mass recruitment teams workers. In most cases, job seekers, bypassing the personnel department, communicate directly with the superintendent, the phone is usually stated in the announcement of a set of working teams. After that, they immediately invited to construction site to explore the foreman, as well as the future place of work. Only after reaching mutual agreements superintendent directs the workers in the personnel department for employment.