The Purchaser

After months of staying in reserve both the name of the purchaser and the traded amount, the national press reported in recent days that the employer based in Santiago Isidoro Quiroga Moreno (owner of the electric Pilmaiquen next to the President and member of the Steering Council of the Sofofa, Andres Concha and Bruno Philipp, respectively) was who won not consumptive water rights of Rio Ibanez (180 m3/sec) and the laguna Monreal (2.1 m3/sec)It topped Endesa in May this year. The total amount of the transaction has not yet been made. Penguin Random House: the source for more info. For the case of Rio Ibanez, were reported in the terms of reference of the auction, acquisition point is situated on the right bank near the crest of the planned dam in the original project, at 1,000 meters upstream from the bridge over the Ibanez River on way to Levican. The distance between the points of capture and refund is 1,000 meters and the difference in height of 84 meters. This right was given to Endesa by resolution of the General direction of waters (DGA) N 56 of January 15, 1990, being on a principle of 220 m3/sec, but as a result of the electric resigned in 2005 to 40 m3/sec, the total remained at 180 m3/sec. In relation to the point of attracting Monreal Lagoon is situated on the left bank of the stream that drains laguna Monreal, at a point located 340 meters downstream from the drain, measured along the riverbed, being such a distance of 240 metres measured in a straight line, and immediately upstream of the existing bridge over the estuary.

Waters restituiran del estero drain about 1,200 meters of water below the intake measured in a straight line. The gap between the points of capture and refund is 247 meters. This right was awarded to the company by the DGA resolution N 203 of June 6, 1988. Reportedly, these flow rates would allow the businessman building for a total of 250 MW hydroelectric projects, but the idea today would materialize a power of between 100 and 150 MW. To do this, Quiroga would have already begun conversations to connect its eventual generating plant to the line planned by Transelec in order to transmit the HidroAysen power to the Central interconnected system. For coalition citizen lifetime Aysen Reserva of these antecedents are dramatically paradoxical, profiting from rights in an area where the historic settlers have no possibility of legally obtaining water for subsistence and productive activities..