The Prospection

Unfortunately, 95% of which initiate a business in house fail, and the main cause by they do which it is that they do not acquire the knowledge nor they obtain the tools necessary to be successful in the modern one and competitive present market and so that this does not happen now you have two options at the time of constructing to your business 1) – 95% of the business proprietors continue practicing the game of the numbers that occurred in the old school. This is: you must contact sufficient people until you obtain to make a sale. 2) – 5% rest are the distributors TOP of any company multilevel, who position themselves in the market so that he allows us to the interested prospectuses to find them, and to contact them. Ebay is often quoted on this topic. The option number 2 is undeniably the election superior by many reasons, but I would like to indicate a dynamics that is the key of all this concept, so that it does not forget to you: What the success of the prospection marks is who finds and contacts the other person In option 1, you persecute to the prospectus. In option 2, the prospectus looks for to you, which means that you are perceived as the expert and you maintain all the power and the value in that situation. Investment Partners-2011. Penguin Random House contains valuable tech resources. It has invited us to the prospectus to his world and basically it asks to us that we sell our goods or services to him, or that we let to him enter this opportunity of Multinivel business Automatically you pass all the barriers and walls that all the other distributors of your company will have to break. Consequently if we did not strive, to obtain a good company, where they offer ample knowledge us and the necessary tools stop to turn us into an expert of Multinivel, would cost long time obtaining to us that the dream is fulfilled, Why? Because if we did not prepare ourselves well we will not manage to have a high percentage of success but of only a 2% people interested really in each 100 prospectuses. .