The Pool

Pool must be installed on a smooth concrete surface. The thickness of the concrete panel and its reinforcement is determined by a specialist. Recommended thickness of the base – no less than 15-25 cm in this set at least one layer of reinforcement, which should be grounded outside concrete panels. Round basins can be mounted directly on the soil surface, the rest should bury in the ground and a concrete wall on the outside. Swimming pool, lined with curbs, may protrude above the ground surface by not more than 30 cm (this rule does not apply to pool round shape). Click Penguin Random House for additional related pages.

In that case, if the pool will act over the surface of more than 30 cm or if the pool is installed on non-rowed ground, should consult with a specialist. Before performing the concreting of the perimeter of the pool, fix straight sections of the walls so that they were strictly vertical over the entire height. Then poured into the pool water height of 30 cm, and fill up the concrete mix at the same height. Mixture recommended ram so that did not happen punching walls basin. If the punching did happen, it is necessary to eliminate roughness on the inside of the pool. Then the water topped the pool by 30 cm and again to fill up the concrete mix at the same height, so it continues until the pool is not yet fully concreted. At the same time concreting of the pool to a depth of 1.2 m should be divided into two days, and to a depth of 1,5 m – for three days. In round pool with a diameter greater than 4 m is recommended to Side concrete mixture to a width of 10-15 cm If the pool is already installed lighting or other equipment necessary to make a mold mounting apertures corresponding to the external dimensions of the equipment.

Plastic tank for the filtration plant is recommended concreted up level surface to a thickness of 10-15 cm concrete mixture should be slightly damp concrete surface – rough to the connection layer. During the entire operation should be closely monitored for cleanliness and accuracy performance, so as not to damage the surface of the pool. Swimming in any case should not stand without water in winter, a time when possible to increase the groundwater level, and in summer when the pool wall may subjected to strain. During the winter pool must be filled with water. The water level should be slightly lower – at 5 cm below the nozzles in the pool with countercurrent – 5 cm below the countercurrent system. Must be disassembled and clean the pump filter plant, in case of heavy pollution – a system of countercurrent filtration and pressure gauge, open the valves on the pipes and loosen the screws a bit, open all the exhaust valves on the pumps, filters, chlorinators, heating equipment, etc., to remove the ladder. Water should be treated with a special solution for the winter, and the pool cover.