The Model Of A Great Leader

I want to start this year 2010 bringing you the best and wishing you the story of a great leader, who developed an unusual theory that contradicted the ancient wisdom, and even though it could lead to very bad consequences, had the courage to carry out and could then enjoy the fruits of their great success. For me this article based on one of the chapters of the book as a Pierson genial author Michael Gelb. Columbus Imagine that you have just developed a theory that was between a rock and a hard place, ie, if correct, his theory has the potential to provide power, wealth, success and glory immense and incalculable, but if not, will bring humiliation, bad reputation, financial ruin and even death.

It was so complicated position in which our hero was Christopher Columbus. Confident that his theory was true, however, needed more than confidence, required greater human and financial resources which could provide, leadership qualities that inspired his team to reach the final, and the willingness to risk his life and that of others to prove his theory. His theory was to open a new trade route much faster and cheaper to India to border on the coast of Europe, Africa and Asia. Rejecting the idea that the Earth was flat, planned to sail to the west trying to reach the other side. Today we know that it uncovered a new continent. Columbus was the son of a weaver and had the opportunity to follow his father’s business, however, at the age of 14 years decided be marine.