The Man

Cooper Procter, one of the two founders of Procter and Gamble, you already stated in 1887: ‘ the main problem of large companies today lies in developing policies that make feel each employee that is an essential element of the company. It is necessary that each employee feels personally responsible for the success of the company and be offered the possibility of receiving a part of the result of that success, words that charge effect when hard times for the company, making the leadership may need to reinvent itself and redefined. Action man is a person who can and know take action quickly, decisions with vivacity, knows how to sort and direct with agility. Faces and confronts with problems at the moment in which are presented is not deferred and wait they are resolved by itself alone. The man of action, is not a person acting crazy or rashly, but that reflects and consultation, but stays there, because he knows that time is money. The man of action designs its long-term strategy, but acts boldly in the short term, assesses its management, and learns from its mistakes.

In situations in which, without knowing what will be the most successful decisions is vital, the leading oriented action, no crashes, and assumes the risk of giving with your face on canvas and magullar it. For him, the only risk is not wanting to take risks. Often action, involve sacrifice, not always done willingly. However, although it is not something that is often recognized, leadership is service, and should be characterized by the cheerful, not by an action suffered and sad and determined action. This is the thermometer that is acts according to the initiative and judgement of oneself, and of course an action executed and completed, because sometimes, it lacks that works, but what is terminated. Fainting is always a temptation.

Surrender to the weakness and surrender to the danger, stop acting, involves surrender. However, manage and lead, involves knowing how to resist to the exhaustion that comes from the absence of results or losses. The leader, and by extension the emotionally intelligent person, is the person of action who learns of defeat, and even takes advantage of it. Action in hard times, have to be stubborn, persistent, persevering, since a second weakness is enough to overwhelm it. Too many managers that the slightest adversity, the first thing that comes out of his mouth is a can not.