The Expensive

The days if had passed and the skill of it did not move. He was the same ‘ ‘ oi’ ‘ of always, but it seemed me that now he had a different connotation in it. I felt that he was more cold, more distant, more formal. ‘ seemed one; ‘ oi’ ‘ of pure education, mere courtesy. It did not transmit plus that impression of invitation, of faceiri-ce, something said as soon as me, ‘ ‘ I have face, when is that you go to leave from above this wall? ‘ ‘ , invitation that I, in mine exaggerated shyness, did not obtain to face. But not difficult to discover reason of that one ‘ ‘ oi’ ‘ to have moved of direction.

Danadinha had arranged a boyfriend. Some days after the such poem vi to arrive I it of hands given with one face. the expensive age exactly my friend Joo. Two years later them if had married and I was to the marriage of them. After all, the Joo was my friend.

Reprogramei the fact. I recognized that it was more competent than I and ready. I never was to be crying pitangas for the cantos. We are not born to tread an only way, or to live of an only alternative. He is clearly that I was hurt one tempinho, after all I I am human, but later I stood out. Hurts are packs heavy excessively people to load it for the entire life. The time passed, they had disappeared of my world and I of the one of them. I moved of job, city, friends, values, beliefs, of almost everything, less of teams. Corintiano is perpetual corintiano. Some years later I also married and the life followed its course. The episode where I was Cirano de Bergerac was filed in one of the drawers deepest of my memory and I already nor remembered one day to have lived an experience of these. Some decades later we find in them in one sarau of poets of the city. He soon recognized it for narizinho arrebitado and the thick and round legs. They were inesquecveis and inconfundveis. I did not deceive myself when I imagined that it liked poetry. I did not only think that it also was of the branch. It was a pleasant surprise to know that it not only liked, but also wise person to make verses and to count histories. It was now a pretty and elegant lady, likeable and cultured, with beautiful interesting cases to count. We did not see in them has thirty years more than.