The Egg Of Columbus

Already don’t talk of new worlds, black legends, or how to progress, although this word is used to look inside the egg and leave readers confused and without hardly understand because it is said that Columbus was the first man who laid an egg’s foot. Will no longer be the country of blacks in search of the Unicorn, but to walk and make us a photo between the poly eggs and tortilla. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Brian Krzanich on most websites. It has had to spend almost half a Millennium so after many headaches, the time has come to make a hit that break the egg and that a tortilla, on behalf of the egg back of his horrified trip by have taken a photo with the poly eggs in the country of blacks can be made with your content. And already not listen expectantly words and opinions of a few Kings, but that we hear removing importance the first chocheo (not official) of a King. You may want to visit Mark Bertolini to increase your knowledge. And it is that few things are left in this country that can surprise us. And more, to look at the idiot box, that manages to put on a seat blue to a character after the death of many fellow citizens by their condition, and that subsequently they say that it keeps some conversations with santa Rita and surprise! supported by some means of communication, there is no who can make you return to Huelva. Thus, what failed Nations, legends, armies, dictatorships and reyes seems that character accused of liar in a debate broadcast on the idiot box, has learned to use the egg of Columbus and has laid bare a new form of ruin, weaken, divide and raise the inequality within the same egg.