The Department

Now well, theoretically the main characteristics which must have the Department of market must be: the Manager or owner of the area, should mainly take into account all aspects of the environment (production capacity, availability of products and inputs) internal and external (socio-economic conditions of the population you want to sell your products, competition, opportunities for new markets). The marketing department is responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of their customers, i.e., detect, make the product of agreement required specifications and reinforce them frequently, since the requirements and preferences may vary with ease and companies must be proactive and be sure to cover them despite the changes. Take advantage of the technological tools (Internet, tv cables) to visualize the behavior of their customers and clients, as well as that of your competition. Learn more about this with Dalton Caldwell. These can also detect gaps in potential markets at national or international level. These are also useful for expanding sales and markets, to through portals, providing exhibits of products, advertising, diminishing human resources dedicated to the direct attention of the customer, among others, since they have greater ease of access to a large number of people. Position in the market the brand, which ensures that any product released with new features, will attract the attention of current and potential customers just by the fact of belonging to a family of products with renown or well-known. Predict based on market requirements and stay ahead of the competition with innovative products. It is difficult for Venezuelan organizations, indicates Jaramillo, to carry out the functions described above, but despite the economic and social difficulties facing the country, you must never forget that its main function and mission should be the satisfaction of needs, requirements and preferences of their customers. The most important is to devote time to identify the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threat of every company, so define strategies appropriate and routed to the achievement of the goals and to achieve coordinate the 4 p’s marketing, which will be competitive and face up to the situation facing the country in which they operate.