The Crisis

To issue has been resolved, you need to come up with a "crisis." How? You have to understand what is really a crisis, it is another product of a successful public relations. It is well advertised the product you purchased. Enough to put backlash – to advertise the fact that the crisis is over, at this stage, it is the most suitable for our brain stroke. The more you talk about it to his subordinates, colleagues, partners – the faster you will have forged a mechanism that would lead the crisis to an end. For this project has all the necessary elements: the problem is visible: under somebody's able leadership, the masses believe in the crisis, and now support ego.reshenie: to tell his subordinates about the cause of the crisis, and ask what they have solutions? below: successfully repeating this information to a large audience, many, many times. That is, in principle, and all. But now the most important thing.

About how much you missed your chance, because without doing during the crisis. In times of crisis, people have no money. Again! In times of crisis people open to new suggestions. Two! During a crisis, people are becoming more daring, desperate, determined, enterprising. Three! You can go on. You want to start their own business, or with the fact that does not bring revenue to make profitable? Then in a hurry! And then CRISIS ENDS! This is no joke, it's the facts. Look at the statistics, news. The peak of the crisis now.

Further, he has developed will be tough. Options a bit. Or follow another push to the side the organization of emergency (which they probably do), or exit from the crisis peak. If you are interested in this topic, you can subscribe to our mailing list active (output 1-3 times per week), in which describes how this technology works and how it can be practically applied. How to subscribe to create a luxury beauty salon