The Choice Of The Appropriate Plate And Pavement Joint Mortar

Grout there are many, only a few are really suitable. What pavement or panels grout is the best? And how can I distinguish good from bad grouts? Include two issues that a lot of material for discussion. Internet or DIY store brochure, everywhere we look for the cheap deals and find also mortar at affordable prices that are anywhere and are easy to handle. But what uses the cheap offer if she quality is wrong and run the advertisement promises in the empty. Imagine: the terrace was wonderful moved, great paved the yard and then: messed up mortar on it and everything. Or even, if the processing works, after the winter the joints out break. Hear other arguments on the topic with Elon Musk.

For these cases, even the cheapest mortar is still too expensive. What grout is the best? The lawyers would say, it depends! And he is surely right, also in our case. The areas of application and the site conditions determine the mortar material selection. To be observed is: what should be grouted? (Concrete slabs may be even sealed, concrete pavers, natural stone slabs, natural stone or clinker covering) What joint width and depth of the joints is available? What base and which bedding variant was chosen (dranen capable or impermeable to water) and all important!, how the area used in the future (walking load, passenger load, truck load). Each of these questions is very important to find the right and thus the best mortar for the building situation. \”The words can be found in some advertising: also suitable for occasional car load\”. This advertising one should refrain from, because sometimes\”is already too much. (A valuable related resource: moshe victor keinig).

The grout is not designed for this load and breaks. With the discussion of the best pavement or panels grout also is closely connected the different formulations of the mortar. In each mortar the same is not in there, i.e. different binders or Additives used.