Teaching Methods

The same it is well interesting, therefore it classifies the different stages of audiovisual production. The first stage is the conception is the moment of the gestation of the ideas, at this moment is argued and defined the content to be portraied in the production as well as the format of the video, writes the script.

The second phase is composed of three stages: daily pay-production, that is as the work goes to be produced. After that it has been broken for the writing, later the finishing, at this moment it can be made some adjustments, some cuts, can be included some effect special, is hour to edit the video so that the same it arrives at the waited result in accordance with the content and the format of the same. In regards to pedagogical practical mine already I worked some projects in schools, having as resource the medias printed some individually, others of group, however I must stand out that I did not even carry through no audiovisual production in my room-of-lesson because in this field illiterate age.